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Most of these filters can easily be used in Video Enhancer which is a lot faster than VirtualDub on hyperthreading, dual core or multiple CPUs. (see comparison)
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VirtualDub filters index
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Note: you can download 20 popular filters in one easy-to-use installer called
VirtualDub Filter Pack and avoid manual filters installation.


Change brightness of video, apply auto-levels or remove flickering.

Number of filters: 16

Remove different kinds of noise from your video. Dust, scratches, blocking, VHS artifacts, etc.

Number of filters: 51

Change color balance of your video, apply color effects and transformations, convert colorspaces, perform histogram equalization, gamma correction etc.

Number of filters: 54

Convert interlaced video to progressive or manipulate fields.

Number of filters: 31

Sharpen your video, make it less blurry.

Number of filters: 8

Add or remove subtitles and logos.

Number of filters: 9

Apply different visual effects like turning movie into a cartoon or into an old film, pixellate, cycle hue, add noise etc.

Number of filters: 40

Overlay images, data or other content over your video.

Number of filters: 13

Filters for video resizing.

Number of filters: 7

Filters for complex processing like stabilization, mosaic, blur, face pixellation, color channel manipulations etc.

Number of filters: 20

Analyze motion, noise and other features of your video.

Number of filters: 5

Some specific VirtualDub filters.

Number of filters: 5

Total number of filters: 259